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BBPS For Bill Payments

BBPS is Bharat Bill Payment Services for making payment of various utility bills like mobile , electricity, gas, landline telephone etc..CHIKHALI URBAN CO-OP BANKcustomers can enjoy the benefits through                                            CHIKHALI URBAN CO-OP BANKSMART MONEY app.

What is Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)?

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is an integrated bill payment system which offers bill payment service to customers online as well as through a network of agents on the ground. The system will provide multiple payment modes and instant confirmation of receipt of payment.

What is the current scope of Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)?

BBPS includes the facility of collection of payments for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly utility bills for such as electricity, water, gas, DTH, telecom services, etc. In future other services like the collections of other types of payments like school / university fees, municipal taxes/ payments, mutual funds and insurance premium, various government taxes etc. as decided from time to time by the Reserve Bank of India will be incorporated in BBPS.

What are the examples for such service providers that have been included on the BBPS platform?

These service providers would differ from region to region. If Mumbai is taken as an example then bill payment for the everyday services provided by service providers like BSNL, MTNL, MSEB, BSES etc. can be made through BBPS.

What is the benefit of BBPS to customers?

Through the vast network of agents or BBPS outlets which could include bank branches, business correspondents, Customer Service Points, retail agents of aggregators, ATMs (Automated Teller Machine), Kiosks, etc. customers will be able to pay bills of the billers, at any time (24 X 7), enrolled in the BBPS system at any BBPS outlet.

How can a customer initiate payment through BBPS?

There are multiple payment mechanisms for bills/collections. • Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, prepaid payment instruments including wallets, and other electronic payment options such as Net banking, IMPS, etc. • Online payments. • Service points will be available in the form of physical infrastructure, viz., branch offices, collection centers and owned/agent outlets.

What is the process for the Bill payment through BBPS?

The BBPS will have two options for bill payments: Quick Pay option for any biller Bill payment for a registered customer in BBPS system. Quick Pay: • Under Quick Pay option for bill payment, only the bill parameters like Account Number of Utility Service Provider (MSEB, BSNL Etc) would be used to validate the bill details and fetch the required information for accepting payment of the bill. • To avail Quick Pay option, customers can visit any BBPS enabled agent outlet/ service points or a BBPS enabled website for payment of bill and enter his bill information, based on which the agent/website will verify the details and enter the bill amount. • The bill information given by the customers will be validated and certain minimum information about the bill would be made available to the customer to ensure that the payment is correctly applied. Post this customer will simply pay the bill. Bill payment for a registered customer: Note : This facility will be made available by NPCI shortly. The procedure to register a customer in the BBPS will be as follows: (Customer Registration will be done solely with the consent of the customer) Step-1: Following details of the customer will be required for registration in BBPS system. • Full Name of the Customer • Customer Mobile No • An acceptable ID number (e.g., PAN, Aadhaar, Bank Account, Voter ID Card, etc.) • Address • Email ID Step-2: Following details of the customer will be required for registration in BBPS system. • Once all details of the customer are submitted, as a part of verification customer will get a one-time password on his/ her given mobile number/e-mail. • Customer will enter the one time password at the BBPS outlet/website for completing the customer registration. Step-3: • A BBPS Customer ID will be generated and sent to the customer mobile no. and/ or email. • For the sake of customer convenience, customer mobile number or email ID may be used as an alternate identifier to fetch the BBPS customer ID for all future transactions. Step-4: • Customer registered in BBPS can have billers and bills pertaining to them mapped to their BBPS ID. • The mapping may be done at any BBPS outlet of any BBPOU or a BBPS-enabled website. • Particulars of the billers mapped to a registered customer will be available to all BBPOUs. • A registered customer may visit any BBPS outlet or BBPS enabled website and pay the bills of all billers mapped to the customer ID.

Is there any confirmation received from the vendor on Bill payment?

The customer receives an instant confirmation of payment made via a payment receipt/confirmation message. The receipt could be in the form of SMS/ email/ print out as desired by the customer.

Are there any fees or charges applicable for payments made through BBPS?

As per NPCI guidelines, every Collection Operation Unit (COU) can charge Customer Convenience Fees (CCF) for each transaction as per standards specified by NPCI. Currently CHIKHALI URBAN CO-OP BANKSahakari Bank Ltd. is not collecting any charges including CCF for BBPS transactions.